M香港旺角建兴大厦楼凤utation of the 2nd chapter plants a vine

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In the cellar that Meng Gui digs newly in oneself, await funeral cadaver to leave wetly, their team is in the disorder loot very it is to feed capable person enough they eat on a period of time, but there still is mutation plant unexpectedly in the funeral cadaver tide that his absolutely did not think of this, they are gotten out from land base.

The tree cane that still goes out than ham is gotten from land base, the person with sharp reaction with withdrawing quickly to the ground.

Qiu Yan wead and limp remains only in frozen cellar bend over to go up, look at mutation floral to cultivate a cane to come over like oneself, she closes an eye helplessly, she does not think dead, she has not revenged, she does not think so gone.

Dead ache was not raided, mutation floral cultivates a cane to twine on Qiu Yan’s body goes to her toward ground lira.

Look at these mutation floral to appear, complexion of Leng Hao justice changes, bringing one part surprise immediately can person head for mutation floral place, rally numerous strength goes killing those mutation plants.

The plant of those mutation just is eliminated, many tree root spreads again below the ground. But strange is, those establish a root and did not assault a person, what searching however.

It is eventually near one pedestrian, tree root suspended the operation, and that group person is Meng Gui that covey person, they are mutated to cultivate a root to be surrounded all round by those.

No matter how they atttack those mutation to establish a root, they round them, asing if is the metropolis before the cat is having rat plays for some time, when waiting for the also running to give a cat palm with tired mice, can be eaten off readily by the cat.

Person of Meng Gui group, be about by what Na Shugen surrounds mad when dropping, an one individual form rises to establish a root among Cong Shugen, the rise of that person entity as tree root is clearer and clearer, if same individual is enchased,be in tree root.

Of that and union of the photograph that establish a root is not others, it is the Qiu Yan that is towed away by tree root. She all over the skin has been mixed tree root a kind of color, the skin that laughs a face to go up still has bark to go to below drop.

“Qiu Yan, pretty good! Become developmentally unexpectedly so fierce, fast, take us to leave here. ” sagacious eaves did not discover Qiu Yan not common, before he feels Qiu Yan still is the woman of that at sb’s beck and call.

“Dead ” Qiu Yan opens the mouth, skip stiff give a word to come. Her unlike is other low rank funeral cadaver is controlled by cadaver of 5 rank funeral in that way, have the consciousness that belongs to oneself however, her present of one mind wants to revenge only, think Meng Gui only that group person is dead.

“Qiu Yan, you return know he not, if you are darling obedient, I am otherwise impolite to him. ” listening to Qiu Yan a dead word skips all the time in the mouth, to maintain an order, meng Gui captures sagacious eaves to block before oneself.

Sagacious eaves knows Qiu Yan loves him very much, what does he say what she can do. When doomsday comes, qiu Yan by funeral cadaver different was aroused after claw can, take him to escape the attack of funeral cadaver, enter life of place where troops are stationed.

Those different can person people, because discrepant can can receive more rights, then he uses Qiu Yan to love to his, let Qiu Yan wait upon the leaders of place where troops are stationed, they also help themselves make a surprise can person.

Qiu Yan has been played by so much man, he just also treats her as a tool. He is discrepant nowadays can, want what kind of woman how to be met later. So he and Meng Gui cooperate, betrayed Qiu Yan again.

“Qiu Yan, I am sagacious eaves, you are not the day that says to want to cross happiness together with me, fast. . . . ” the word of sagacious eaves has not said, a so thick like the arm tree root crosses his heart, the Meng Gui behind implicative sagacious eaves also is cultivated by that the root is perforative.

The heart of sagacious eaves dug Qiu Yan general to come out, very cherish put in facial edge dillydally, seemed what to think of again, qiu Yan’s expression becomes very ferocious.

She an one buccal heart ate the heart sagacious eaves to go down, this issues him to belong to this only a person, he is in without method leave oneself.

The person that leave is used to cultivate an entwine by Qiu Yan, slowly extr[……]

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Thirtieth 8香港楼凤兼职论坛 chapters no matter you

” doomsday beyond star ” Xue Ranjiu is deep and remote / , this chapter in all 2073 words, update at: 2014-06-09 23:00

“I think, you can take form of that piece of group to give us. ” Guo Xiao Yue still good-tempered say.

“Are you different can person oh? Say early! ” the girl took group form again: “It is OK that group member must reach 5 talented people, if your hand is insufficient, had better solicit a few people one case again. Had better solicit a few people one case again..

5? The requirement is really much still: “The strength is enough, does need call someone else together? Does need call someone else together??

“That falls need not, should fill in nevertheless the name of clear team member, the age and different can. ” the girl shakes her head say.

“Does pet calculate do not calculate? “Does pet calculate do not calculate??

Still have pet? It is two strange people really: “If pet is discrepant also can, calculate naturally. Calculate naturally..

“Ah, then our personnel still exceeded. ” Guo Xiao Yue has filled in very quickly data.

After the girl has received, just looked to take out nine to look the jade tablet with different quality at will: “Round name Yu Xing is glaring, what word comes your plan depict the capacity that shows you? What word comes your plan depict the capacity that shows you??

“Star. ” Guo Xiao Yue thinks what also do not think to be answered.

“Captain beyond shows a bit, assistant team leader defends bridge, counsellor? … Guo Xiao Yue, boat of member fourth modest, orchid aunt? … doesn’t this have a name? Calculated, still have Su Rexuan, pet 3… all discrepant can… breathe out, estimation also is not the different with doughty what can, circular emblem is star. ” the girl mutters one, see she puts index finger on the jade face with lubricant surface only, relaxed depict gives word of a star.

Is that laser? Yu Shan star and Guo dawn month are right looked.

The girl promotes nine jade brand them before: “Private make, others cannot counterfeit. Interpose is compared at your group actual strength tall, the badge of captain is highest grade jade of Fu Lushou, nevertheless very regrettablly, these jade are costly without a biscuit still now. Assistant team leader and counsellor are violet jade, glutinous plants team member, put before, these can exceed 1 million, lose now go up nobody is collected. Lose now go up nobody is collected..

Guo Xiaoyue after withering, taking these 9 so called rare jade to answer villa.

Villa has been cleaned clean, the chela that defend bridge just steps into house, yu Shan star 2 people the rear foot with respect to follow-up house.

Look at the dated furniture inside house, yu Shan star raises eyebrow, took in entirely space, changed a more contracted new furniture, etc be free to throw those broken furniture entirely go out.

3 small bestow favor on do not know to play from which come back, from them the bloodstain that remains on claw looks, was to cause what disaster most probably.

In the sofa that Yu Shan star just was immersed in softness, bai Lin with respect to too impatient to wait want pop-up her leg, one foot plays bit be showinged piece very far: “Dirty dead, to me good gracious wait for go up, etc I am busy was over to clear away you again 3. Good, say today’s results. Say today’s results..

The blinking brimming with tears eye that Bai Lin subdues and two Tibet mastiff bend over together, it is who pays in furtive communication actually big duty who pays small duty problem.

Defend Liang Shouxian say: “There is not little soldier really in this place where troops are stationed, they held a ground of southeast direction for the most part. But, here, of real in power is different however can person, have an other can pop chart, before 20 different can person part everything what the palm is accusing here, delimit cent domain establishs his force, beat the other in front can person the position that can replace him. Anyhow, here whose fist is big who can say a word more, instead is those soldiers… . Instead is those soldiers… ..

“I knew, month in and month out, say the results of ourselves. ” if Yu Shan star interrupted Wei Liang, that ineffable sense of justice that knows him should appear again came.

“Be good! That different can we had seen pop chart, besides a few farfetched different can outside, other had not seen what comes really. Task hall has however so little meaning, the means of captain, though we are,take product of wistaria a small room. But, still go at ordinary times task hall receives replace Wu to do make appearance,[……]

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The drizzle in s香港小姐兼职now of the 20th chapter

” cold Xue Zhi is loved ” childe asking feeling / , this chapter in all 2836 words, update at: 2014-09-27 08:00

Swordsman! The sword is alone, the person is doleful. Swordsman is taking an alone sword with respect to the person that is a loneliness; Or the sword that a loner is taking to be called loneliness.

Liu Yihan does not know he is a swordsman, also do not know oneself calculate after all do not be a swordsman; But he knows his different had alone, loneliness however…

“What do you laugh at? ” that coquettish red below the sky of drizzle is being burned like blaze general, that fire is like is one destroys the fire of the world, burning to be without providential troubled times.

“What do I laugh at? Was opposite! What do I laugh at? Oh! My whats did not laugh, what did I laugh at. I just am afraid of for ages did not laugh to be met slowly forget laughed, I am afraid that I won’t not laugh for ages, still say to if my or else laughs, did not need to laugh. What do I pitiful need after all? ” the Zhu Rong that Liu Yihan face is taking a smile to look at that to leave that not far.

Wind changes drizzle into inclined rain, probably drizzle will be unaccustomed become inclined rain; Because its name makes fine rain originally, can be in this troubled times too much unaccustomed slowly become a custom.

A few people are there to you can like to go up again on this world alone, doleful two words? Swordsman is afraid also do not like! But do not like can how? In troubled times live the price that allows swordsman to pay is such. Is that drizzle also such? Unaccustomed, of the habit slowly went to what final metropolis is used to.

“You are doleful also! ” Liu Yihan asks, that pair of apathetic eyes see Xiang Zhurong, zhu Rong laughs, path: “I am a shadow only, one belongs to her shadow only, my existence is for her… “

Liu Yihan: “Shadow is more alone actually, do you know? ” the carry secretly in sound is worn the smile is much however affliction of a few minutes, pained Zhu Rong does not know the loneliness of shadow.

“I am not to understand previously, but I understood however now. You should not tell me actually, because I knew I become alone ” the laugh on face wishing be in harmony became agonized,

“Can you know? ” Liu Yihan asks, drizzle changed a habit to become inclined rain because of wind, inclined rain became heavy rain again however when had been not been used to, heavy rain clang the clang bosom that falls into the snow on the ground, snow stretchs both hands to awaiting rain next closely hold firmly rain; Pluvial narrate is worn about oneself but, snow is listening silently about rain but. Wind also is such.

Wish the fire on body of be in harmony it can burn this troubled times, but how cannot it also burn that light purple, the blood that pours out of inside the body can be given to be burned by fire, where is that purple?

Wish be in harmony: “I previously also know, but I was cheated previously oneself, then I forgot to serve as the loneliness of shadow. Your word makes me new think again, again deceit! Again forget! I am afraid also be not done again! I am afraid also be not done again!!

What rain stopped breath to stop a heart is jumpy slowly blended in Xue Li!

In heavy rain, of pitter-patter halcyon however by clang clang gives interrupted. The softness that you had given me still remains in the depth of my memory!

Wish be in harmony that a suit is fiery and coquettish extremely big gown is given by wind in heavy rain everywhere drag is worn, this very quiet wind also becomes irratable rise.

“Are you cold? ” Zhu Rong asks, heavy rain did not erode his big gown, it seems that heavy rain has a kind of ineffable scared feeling to him.

Liu Yihan: “I do not know I am cold, I know to also do not feel warm again from only, your bright leaves anger or the license burns me with burning me dead, but it also cannot offer me warmth forever however; The loneliness in also burning your heart very much forever from fire like the bright that is you and loneliness ” Liu Yihan’s sound is helpless very, but in some more lose.

Heavy rain stopped, can what how alone, loneliness stops again did it leave? That is buried greatly in the heart to always can be dug to go out one day!

“The thing that a few this years I forget is increasing, faster and faster also, how do I do not know me come to here, come here to work! Still have… still have what then I want to forget least of all, how be also unable to call to mind however now. I do not know to have one day I can give myself forgot, the sort of feeling I was afraid of! Be like is in darkness the eye l[……]

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